Looks like a Berg

This got to be a pretty unique career among actors. Check out actor Carl Bressler's listing on imdb. Twelve of his twentysix characters that he has played has the last name 'Berg'. That's over 46% of all his gigs! I guess Carl Bressler simply looks like a Berg.


Stand Up Comedy

One of the best stand up comedians I've ever heard: Adam Hills.



Currently, as I'm writing this, the number of movies I've seen on imdb's top 250 list and the number of geocaches I've found are exactly the same. 85. What a coincidence.

A while ago I added two counters on this blog to show my progress with both of these activities. You can see them to the right.

These two things, watching movies and geocaching, are two of my main hobbies at the moment. Though I have been watching movies for quite a longer time than I have been geocaching. Given that I have only been a geocacher for less than a year the number of geocaches I've taken will exceed the number of movies I've seen pretty soon. It's possible to take quite a few caches in a short time and it's also a good way to get some exercise. It's not quite the same for watching movies.

Although I am not completely bound to the imdb top 250 list I find it is a very good source for watching good movies. Last night they showed the Hitchcock movie Rebecca on Swedish television which I enjoyed very much.