Facebook ate my blog

It seems since I drank the Facebook kool-aid my need for writing blog posts has decreased markedly. But that's not necessarily a bad thing and I feel that the blog still has its place for more in-depth, lengthier stuff.

While on the subject of Facebook I might add a thought that I've had. There's a lot of talk about various buttons that people think should be added. The most popular one seems to be "dislike". I'm happy we haven't seen this realized, I truly believe the world would be a worse place with this button. Other examples include "Meh" which is also not on the positive side.

I'd also like a new button but a more positive and supportive one. I often find that "Like" is not the right way to show positive support for a post. If someone says they just lost a family member that's not something I "Like". I think a "Sympathize" button would be more appropriate in situations like these. That's the kind of button I think Facebook should add.