Batman suing Batman

I've blogged about Batman before. No, not the guy in the cape living inside comic books and recently on the movie screen. No, it's the city in east Turkey. I find the name incredibly funny. But the fun doesn't stop there. It turns out the city mayor of Batman is now suing Warner Brothers for their use of the name Batman.
What can you say? The guy is obviously greedy. But it's also the case that the city has gained more reputation from the movies than it had ever could have managed for itself.
I read somewhere that the city has a bad reputation in Turkey for, among other things, the high rate of suicides among young women. So maybe they're looking for to improve their image. But suing Warner Brothers won't help I'm afraid.

Oh, and by the way. The Dark Knight is a really good movie. My DVD is arriving in two weeks.



Right now I'm sitting in my sofa and watching the second episode of CSI (Las Vegas that is, the original series) from this season. And no, I have not downloaded it. I think this is some kind of record for Swedish television. Never before have we been so close behind a show that's imported, at least as far as I know. One month and eight days. But I guess we will see more of this now that people are starting to download stuff from the internet. It's only the translation that's going to hold it back from being shown the same week.

I've followed CSI pretty much from the beginning. And I really like how the show is aging. Many shows fall in the trap of trying to ramping things up. But CSI has remained low key, focused on what it does well. It has kept to the weird cases and the scientific curiosities. I like that. It's too bad that all my favorite characters are taken off the show.


Sometimes I come across a quote that very succinctly captures the essence of some thought that I have had for myself but never quite managed to distill to my satisfaction. Todays quote is such a quote. Once you read it it seems so obvious.
A large enough quantitative difference
makes a qualitative difference.

Paul Hudak



Which is worse, ignorance or apathy?
Who knows? Who cares?

Murdoch James Gabbay, on the TYPES mailing list


Word of the Day: Troglodytic

troglodytic adj.
Of or pertaining to troglodytes, or dwellers in caves.
(From AllWords.com)

Thanks to Mr. Willingham on the Haskell-cafe mailing list for making me aware of this word.