Oh, I'm such a nerd

I happened upon a game called Monad while browsing Google Play. Of course I had to download it and try it out. In case you don't know, Monads are a programming idiom frequently used in the language Haskell, and something I use pretty much on a daily basis. So when I found a game with this name I couldn't resist it. Though I certainly felt rather nerdy downloading it.

Turns out, the game is actually very playable. Its simple graphics and gameplay reminds me of Asteriods but Monad is not about shooting. The way playing works is to tilt your phone to steer your ship so that it collides into friendly objects. If you set them off in the right direction they will hit your enemies and that's how you can destroy them. You do not want to collide directly with your enemies.

Monad is not easy but rather fun. And it's free. I recommend it.