Jardinains is one of my favourite games. Today I got a new highscore. 3,575,935 points reaching level 47. I'm a little frustrated right now because I was very unfocussed in the end. I should have paused for a while to get my focus back. I could have gotten a much higher score if I had.

Anyway it is the best game I've played in the breakout tradition. It beats games like DX-Ball, Arcanoid, Krackout and all the other breakout-style games I've played but forgotten about. I can heartily recommend it.

I cannot resist on philosofising a little on one detail in Jardinains. It is about gravity. The ball in Jardinains moves just like in other breakout games just as if there were no gravity. It simply moves ahead with constant velocity until it hit something or you take a bonus item making it go faster or slower. But in Jardinains everything else behaves just like if there was gravity. The bonus items falls down with increasing velocity and so does the small jardinains when you hit them with the ball. I wonded what is going on here. Is the ball some kind of anti-grav gizmo or is the game played in another dimension where gravity is partial or selective. Well, it beats me.

Hmmm, I guess it could also be because this setup gives the best feeling to the game but it can't be that obvious, right?

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