Spread Firefox

On the browser market there is really only one player. Microsoft has surfing in a firm grip with Internet Explorer holding a devastating 93% share of all browsing. But the trend is that they're losing ground. The competitor is Mozilla Firefox. This is a free browser and I'm really happy to hear that free software is gaining on proprietary software. So much that even though I don't use Firefox I donated to the "Spread Firefox" project. Firefox will soon be released in version 1.0 and to make people aware of that event there will be a big ad in New York Times. But an ad costs money. So they've asked people to donate. Their goal was to get 2.500 donors. When the deadline passed this weekend they had over 10.000 donors! Increadible! Anyway, it'll be fun to see the ad and to see what impact it will have.

For the record I use Opera for my everyday surfing. This browser suits me perfect and has all the features I ever wanted such as tabbed browsing, mouse gestures, irc and so forth. The only thing I use Firefox for is blogging since blogger doesn't support Opera.

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