Revenge of the Sith

I suppose I should have written about this earlier. Being in the middle of my dissertation-writing-swamp I joined up with my friends to go see Star Wars Episode III, Revenge of the Sith on its premiere. I must say the movie was spectacular and very good. But it was also a tough movie to see. As someone put it, it is really a movie about sin and turning to the dark side. Seeing Anakin's being sucked up by all the hate, anger and confusion was difficult to watch.

I should also note that I have a difficult time to watch and judge star wars movies like other movies. To me they are more like historical documents and it is difficult to have an opinion such things. (Before you think I am a total freak I should say that I do realize the these films are fiction and doesn't relate to reality whatsoever.) When the first prequel came out and turned out to be a not so good movie it really didn't matter to me. I just wanted to see what happened to the characters and what their history was. I guess you can call me a star wars fan...

I was a little disappointed with the premiere though. I thought there would be more people being dressed up and a more tense atmosphere around the whole happening. Part of the reason was because we didn't choose the geek cinema, but still it was the premiere and I would have expected more.

The real reason I started writing this entry is because of a page I saw at starwars.com listing a bunch of easter eggs which appeared in the film. I am a little disappointed with the list, I would have guessed it to be longer. Some of the stuff I noticed but I missed most of it. Lisa, my fiance managed to spot the millennium falcon though which made me a little jealous.

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