String Theory: Not Even Wrong.

Via /. I found the following intriguing article:Northwest Florida Daily News: Has string theory tied up better ideas in physics? It argues that String Theory really hampers the advancement of our knowledge in particle physics. The theory (which isn't really a theory at all) has failed to produce any kind of predictions, be them testable or not. The author further argues that it is just the latest fad, scientists has to pursue it or say goodbye to an academic career. But if many of these new scientists would have tried to make advancements through other means than String Theory, perhaps we would have gotten further?

I, for one, was rather surprised by this article, as I've read a lot of positive things about String Theory. But I think that the author has a valid point. And I hope that this and similar articles will result in a diversification of the field of particle physics. Perhaps we can finally make some progress after 30 years of stand still in the field.

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