Football technicalities

There is something that I've been wondering about for many years. It concerns football (or soccer if you prefer). It's the following question:

What is the purpose of the goal area?

Do you know? I'd be surprised if you did. Do you even know what the goal area is? In case you don't: it's the little rectangle inside the penalty area and just in front of the goal. I think even most hard core football fans don't know what purpose it has.

Today I decided to look it up. And wikipedia is helpful here as usual. It turns out that "Indirect free kicks awarded to the attacking team within the goal area must be taken from the point on the line parallel to the goal line nearest where an incident occurred; they can not be taken further within the goal-area. Similarly drop-balls that would otherwise occur in the goal area are taken on this line." Indirect free kicks are awarded for technical fouls such as offside and usually happens far away from a teams own goal. Indirect free kicks within the penalty area are extremely rare. I've only seen it once. The reason the judge awarded the foul was that he thought the goal keeper took too many steps with the ball in his hands. This particular rule has now been dropped in favor for a six second time limit.

I should add though that I'm not that crazy about football as this post might suggest. I do like to watch a game every now and then. But I almost never watch more than one game per week and often it is much more seldom than that. I like to watch when Sweden's team is playing an international match. Every now and then I also watch one of the major clubs in the Spanish league play, as they play very good football.


Harsh said...

thanks for the information.
I have never seen a indirect
free kick from within penalty area.
I am a ManU fan and also love Larsson(Swe), was really happy when they signed him.
me too, love to watch spanish football, unfortunately here in india
we get more English Premier League, whr I only watch ManU and Arsenal games. Arsenal plays one-touch magic.
ps: Shawshank Redemption can be watched on any quiet day.

Josef said...

Thanks for your comments harsh! I was also very excited when "Henke" Larsson signed for ManU. It's one of the greatest clubs in the world and as a swede I'm very proud to see him making such a success there. And as you say, Arsenal is indeed a very good club as well.