A Crazy Period of my Life

I haven't been bloggin for over a month now. So I just want to write a couple of words about why that is. The reason is simple, it's been maybe the most hectic and also exciting month of my life.

To begin with I had a deadline two weeks ago. I had to send my thesis in to print. Which meant I had some pretty crazy weeks finishing it. It was really intense but I managed to send it in on time and it was a great relief. I spent a couple of days after that just staying at home watching snooker.

But I couldn't rest for too long. Coming up was out wedding. Even though we had everything planned in good time before there was a crazy amount of work to do the days just before. All the practical work has to be done like decorating the church and the place where the party was held. But it all went well and we had a wonderful wedding last Saturday.

Back to work on Monday, the day before yesterday. The thesis had been printed and I had to distribute it to all the relevant parties. It's not very complicated work but it takes time, especially since the printer had forgot to print the announcement leaflet which has to be distributed with every thesis. A funny detail about the whole distribution thing is that the first person to receive a copy was actually Simon Peyton Jones. He happens to be visiting our department and I just happened to walk by a room where he and Koen Claessen where working. Koen wanted me to come in to congratulate me for the wedding and the thesis and Simon demanded he got a copy of my thesis which I was happy to give to him.

Today, we're off to our honeymoon. It's really exciting. The destination is still secret but it's a place we're I've never been before and I'm really looking forward to going there. And of course spend time with my new wife.

So, it's been some crazy couple of weeks in my life. I will do some more blogging once I get back and life is a little more normal.

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Farre said...

Double congratiulations are in order then!