End Credit Music

Which piece of music is the most important in a movie? Well, I'm a film score buff so I wouldn't start ranking the music but there is one piece of music that gets an awful lot of attention from the studios. It's the end credit music. It's the music that sets the mood when you leave the movie theater and you will carry with you when you've finished seeing the movie. So naturally quite a lot of thought go into getting the right kind of mood into that piece of music.

I usually don't write lists on this blog but today I give you a list of some of my favorite pieces of end credit music.

What's my criteria for good end credit music? The crucial thing is the first twenty or thirty seconds of the piece. It has to suggest the right kind of mood which has to be in accord with the rest of the movie. It doesn't have to be a very good song, for instance, I don't particularly like Wake Up but it's beginning fits very well in Matrix, and that's what's important.

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hash said...

One of my favourites is "Dream On" by Aerosmith from the movie Miracle

But the most haunting music I listened was when I was a kid, I watched The Last of the Mohicans and the 'Promentory' played near the end of the film, it was mind-blowing.

Best thing about soundtracks is its not just music, its music with a context, its great:)