I'm always excited to learn new, almost useful, funnily sounding words. Today I've learned a new one: aptonym. Wiktionary describes it as:
A proper name that aptly describes the occupation of the person, especially by coincidence.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to think about any person who's name is an aptonym. However, the place where I learned about this word, this freakonomics post, called for it's reader to supply some examples. You'll find some really good ones there.


runciblespn said...

I used to collect aptonyms if I saw an interesting one in print, but I stopped when I found the Holy Grail; a name so perfect and appropriate that I realized I would never find another of its caliber. The name of the spokeswoman for the then-new Disneyland Taiwan, as quoted in the Chicago Tribune--and I am not making this up--was Winnie Pu.

Josef said...

@runciblespn: Priceless!