Kim Hartman

It's the second week in a row with a major snooker tournament. A feast for all snooker fans. I thought it appropriate to write about something snooker related. So I'm going to say a few words about the man who singlehandedly has popularized snooker in Sweden.

Kim Hartman is the Swedish snooker commentator for Eurosport. He has a very unique way of commentating sport. Most of the time he is simply silent and when he talks it's in a very gentle paced baritone voice. It's simply music to the ears to hear him talk. On top of that he come up with the most colorful and sometimes whimsical expressions to describe the play. This has even rendered him an own fan site containing quotes from him. Here's a translation of one of my favourites:

To play snooker with a pool cue is like playing golf with a shovel.

Kim Hartman's style has become very popular; papers start recommending watching snooker to listen to Hartman, I've heard of seniors who have no interest what so ever in sport watching snooker all day long and he has been chosen the most popular commentator on Eurosport. So, without any real effort, just commentating the sport he has done an amazing job of popularizing snooker in Sweden. Quite a remarkable feat. I wished you all could have a chance to hear him.

An extra bonus is that Hartman has started writing comments on Eurosports Swedish homepage eurosport.se so we all get even more colorful quotes from him that way.


hash said...

Josef, I remember you are a Sullivan fan and one of the best pieces of sports writing I have read is your Sullivan beating Ding in a Masters final:). I just read this:
For Ronnie, Victory isnt Enough
and figured you would like it.

Josef said...

hash, thanks for the link! I really enjoyed that article. And thank you for your kinds words about my earlier article.