Shooting yourself in the foot

The other day I came across a page which I've been looking for quite some time but haven't been able to find. It's about how you shoot yourself in the foot in various programming languages. I saw this list for the first time in the mid 90's. Now that I re-read it I find it rather disappointing. It's simply not that funny. The idea is that you shoot yourself in the foot in a way that parodies the weaknesses of the language. But I don't think they've really managed to find the essence of the frustrations with the languages on the list. Or maybe it's just me, you can go read for yourself.


Andy said...

Try this one

I like the one for Z and the third one for Haskell.

Josef said...

Andy, thanks for the link.

Yes, the Haskell ones were quite funny, I liked the second one as well. As for the one in Z, the experience I've had with Z was so bad that I'm not able to laugh at it yet (although it's more that 10 years now, geez I'm traumatized...)