Wordle is a nice online service for creating word clouds. Here's some words from my blog:
Wordle: My Blog
From this there are a number of feature that I would like wordle to improve on. First of all, when reading off a blog it's clear that they're just concatenating the different posts. But it seems that they forget to insert a space between the posts which results in some funny words with a period in the middle. Secondly it would be nice to be able to treat several words as a single one. In the above example you can see that I've written "Star Wars" quite a lot. But the words "Star" and "Wars" are treated separately. It would be swell if I could say that any occurrence of the word "Star" before "Wars" should be treated as a single word.

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Sundar said...

Thanks for introducing this to me, I had some fun seeing my own blog's word frequencies there.

Another feature I'd like to add to your list is the ability to group singular and plural words - in my blog's Wordle, 'language' and 'languages' are shown distinctly, which looks quite odd.