Orc potion

If you ever read The Lord of the Rings (and if you haven't, you should) then you might remember the passage about Merry and Pippin being captured by some Orcs. In order to keep the hobbits awake and giving the strength to run the Orcs force them to drink a special potion. I quote from The Two Towers:
[The Orc] cut the thongs round Pippin's legs and ankles, picked him up by his hair and stood him on his feet. Pippin fell down, and Uglúk dragged him up by his hair again. Several Orcs laughed. Uglúk thrust a flask between his teeth and poured some burning liquid down his throat: he felt a hot fierce glow flow through him. The pain in his legs and ankles vanished. He could stand.

I now know what this mysterious potion is. I've been taking it myself for a couple of days now to keep myself standing. It's Chi san. I can tell you, it's not a very nice sensation to drink it. But does help.

And no, I did not get any money to write this post.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the debate article in DN about arctic root? It sounds fishy.

Josef said...

Interesting article. I actually tried the Arctic Root pills a year ago but they didn't do anything for me. So I was pretty reluctant to try Chi San but I have to say I feel a clear difference. But I know people have had mixed experiences with it.