So, it seems we're getting another web-based calender/information manager. The new one is called Scrybe. And as a matter of fact it looks pretty interesting. Most of its old competitors are all variations on the same theme. So what does Scrybe has that makes it stand out from the rest?

  • It has support for working offline. This is perhaps going to be the killer, the feature which makes Scrybe take over the market. Having offline support is just
  • Very well crafted user interface based on the focus+context principle. It simply looks and feels very intuitive.
  • Synconization with paper. I've *so* wanted this from other applications I've used. The possibility to print out the schedule and todo list and carry it around in your pocket for those occasions you don't want to bring your computer.

Those are the main features that will be useful for me. There are many more cool features in Scrybe, all explained in the video on their homepage. It's going to be interesting to see the launch of Scrybe and what will happened with the company in the future.

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malcolm said...

Very interesting video demo. It reminds me strongly of Apple's attention to the detail of making a user interface intuitive. In fact, it resembles Apple's iCal in many ways, although taking many new any useful avenues (none of which you especially highlighted however...).