The Monad.Reader

As a Haskell programmer I take part in the Haskell community. I'm not a very active member, rather I'm a lurker. But there are other more social people in this community. Perhaps the most social character is Shae Erisson. He always hangs out at the #haskell irc channel greeting new people and help them around answering questions about Haskell. He also hosts a number of different wikis and other stuff on his web server. A really frendly guy.

Shae's most recent project is an eZine called The Monad.Reader. The title is ofcourse a pun but if you don't understand it is no use me trying to explain it. But trust me it's actually a really funny name. Well, I think this eZine idea sound like a really fun thing. I think I'm going to try to write something up for it. I have already come up with some ideas for what to share. I'm seeing forward to getting my first copy!

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