Google searching fun

To take a break I decided to search my own name on Google. It turns out that my homepage doesn't come up first! Instead the post about Phil Wadlers blog which I posted on LtU came first. It doesn't seem right!

Apart from that it seems that I'm the only (living) Josef Svenningsson which google has registered. The first link that doesn't refer to me is to a page containing the names "JOSEF ZACKRISSON" and "UNO SVENNINGSSON". That link doesn't show up until page seven among googles search results. That Uno's name would show up is no surprise since he is a famous singer here in Sweden.

On the ninth page among the search results is a link to a page containing information about a certain "Josef August Svenningsson". He lived between 1837 and 1904.

Well, browsing through all those search results it seems I've left a small mark on the Internet. I got quite nostalgic from many of the links I saw.

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