Phil Wadler's blog

Just noticed that Phil Wadler has his own blog here at Blogger. He seems to be just as creative as I naming it Wadler's blog. I posted a notice on LtU about this. It's going to be an interesting read, this blog.
Few people has had such a profound influence on a research field as Wadler. He's basically created several subfields in the programming language community. He started the field of deforestation (although Turchin's supercompilation and partial evaluation both existed before and are somewhat related), he introduced monads as a programming paradigm, he was among the first to recognize linearity as an interesting property for various things such as optimization and side effects. He was also one of the pioneers of lazy evaluation and he invented type classes which really makes him the father of Haskell more than anyone else. And the list goes on. So. As I said. His blog is going to be an interesting read.

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