Aeon Flux; My verdict

Since I was so skeptic about the movie Aeon Flux a while ago I guess I'll have to give my verdict now that I've seen it. And I'll give it 2 out of 5. It was an OK way to kill 1 1/2 hours but that's about it. The characters in the movie are totally under developed and I found the story rather contrived. (Not to mention that it's based on factual errors. The DNA of a person doesn't contain its memory.) So it's pretty clear that they've targeted an audience which just wants to see some action. But the action is not all that exciting either.

There was things that I liked about the movie though. They seem to have put some effort into the architecture and style of the city where the movie takes place. Or maybe they haven't, they may just be lucky. But I liked the environments, the building and the trees. That was probably the best thing with the movie.

You might wonder why I think that an action movie such as this needs well developed characters. Well, I don't think that all movies need it. Some action movies might pass without it. But in Aeon Flux the main character is (in the beginning of the film at least) seeking revenge for her killed sister. But we only get to see the sister in one short dialogue and then she is killed. Which means we have not yet grown attached to her and our sympathy for the main character will not be that strong. The movie is quite short (1h35m) and I think they could have added some stuff in the beginning of the movie to add to the characters. They could also have used that time to flesh out the prolog of the story, to explain how the world turned into that place. All they have in the beginning is Aeon Flux as a narrator telling us rather quickly about the state of affairs. Ten of fifteen minutes more in the beginning and the movie could have been quite OK.

And for the record. No, the movie is nothing like the original animated series.

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