Waiting, waiting, waiting

I just new it! I've had the feeling for a very long time but I haven't been able to figure out just why it had to be like that. I seem to spend an awful lot of time waiting for the tram (or bus). But now I've seen a very good explanation for it. The short article is called Why You Are Always Unlucky With the Public Transport. The explanation seems just to be a corollary of Murphy's law. No matter if the bus is early or late, any change at all will be bad for you.

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Andreas Abel said...

Before I believe the author, I need a sound mathematical analysis according to the rules of probability theory.

The psychological explanation makes more sense: Because we give more attention to the things which went wrong than to the things which went ok, we get the feeling that "the bus is always late", "I am always waiting so long" etc.

So, think positively, it is better for your health!