Commodore 64 forever!

This is just too good to be true!

During the late 80's and early 90's I spent quite a lot of time on front of the computer. And not just any computer, the Commodore 64. By today's standards it's not even a pocket calculator and when I used it it had gotten pretty old already. But even though it lacked speed and features it was still possible to make great games on it. The games you found for the c64 was just awesome! Some of my favorites where Giana Sisters, Wizball and Wonderboy.

Now I can play these games in my browser! Some geniuses has created a Java applet which can run those old c64 games. Brilliant! They've made it available on the site c64s.com.

The game companies don't make these kind of games anymore. They probably feel that it would be an insult to the hardware they're programming on if they made simple games. Yet many people spend endless hour playing the simplest games such as Snood and the games that comes with Windows. Well, I suppose that's a segment of the market which the big companies have decided to hand over to the shareware crowd.

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