Calvin & Hobbes

I'm rather picky about comics. There are a few that I like but most of them I find to be a complete waste of time. Writing good comics is really difficult, you need only to open any paper with a few comic strips to see what I mean. I usually find maybe one or two that I like.

But the best comic strip ever to be made and which never has let me down is Calvin & Hobbes. I haven't seen anyone coming even close to it. For several years I subscribed to a comics magazine just to read the Calvin & Hobbes. The other day I found this very fine tribute to the best comic strip of all times, a collection of some peoples favorite Calvin & Hobbes strips. It's also annotated with comments from the fans. Read and enjoy!

The first strip that I started reading and that I became a fan of is Garfield. Now I don't find it very special. The only other strip that I enjoy at the moment is Zits. It's good but nowhere near Calvin & Hobbes. One Zits strip actually contained a reference to the fact that Bill Watterson (the creator of Calvin & Hobbes) had stopped making comincs. I found that very sympathetic.

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