Watches and Chronometers

I don't wear a watch. Often I don't wear any kind of chronometer at all. They only make me feel stressed out. And I keep looking at them every half minute or so for no apparent reason. Stopping to wear them is an attempt for me to be a little less stressed out. I think it works.

But I'll admit that clocks are useful at times. When I need one I make sure I either bring my Palm Pilot or my mobile phone. Since those are useful anyway I have less stuff to carry around.

Which is not to say that I totally dislike watches. I do like them. My favorite one is a piece I bought at Boston Museum of Fine Arts which is carried using a span-hook. As my supervisor so elegantly put it, it is "sexy". But I just found a new watch which I certainly could imagine wearing. Take a look at this one. It makes me drool.

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